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Do you have a Swarm?

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If you have a yard with flowers and sunshine you may find a mass of bees hanging out looking for a home, that we can give them, in a bee box.  We can leave them in a quiet corner or your yard, or, take them away. 


City Swarms moved to the Country

Barbara and Jackie didn't want these swarms in their backyards.  Victoria wanted a hive because pollen helps with her allergies. Now these city bees are enjoying their new digs in the country. We love to sit and watch them buzz. 

Do you have space for bees? 

Send us an email, please!

Jeffrey at WeBeHoney.com

Why are these bees being evicted from the city? There's no room for them. Do you have a place for bees? Call or send us an email please! Enjoy honey and Bee TV at your back door.