About We Be Honey

We Be Honey produces raw, local honey in San Francisco from the surrounding Bay Area Counties.  Our hives are in private locations hosted by neighbors and bee friends. We invite you to enjoy the abundance of raw, local honey from your own backyard.  We bring honey to the Heart of the City Farmers Market on San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza, Wednesdays.  Come visit us at the market, year-round, rain or shine. 7 am – 4 pm.


Jeffrey studied Anthropology and Biology at the University of Stoneybrook.  He began his career as a chef in New York working in many quality restaurants.  He moved his skills west to California where he learned CCOF Farming techniques.  He learned about local farmers markets in the Bay Area.  


Michelle has a passion for planting native wild flowers to provide food for bees and other pollinators.  She worked as an entomologist with a team of botanists at the Illinois Natural History Survey, conducting biodiversity studies for about ten years.  After she migrated to San Francisco she met Jeffrey at the HOC Farmer’s Market where they fell in love.  Michelle has been studying beekeeping with Jeffrey for years as a hobby.


Shortly after that meeting both Michelle and Jeffrey combined our talents to start a candle and mead making company called Beeall Designs.  We supplied the Oakland Museum store with commemorative oak stick, bees wax candles. 


We helped produce and sell honey with many bay area honey companies over the past ten years.  Our need for a variety of raw, local honey led us to manage our own hives. Eventually we had the opportunity to certify our hives and we became producers for the farmers market.


Our intention for We Be Honey is to provide the finest, raw, local honey for allergy relief, goodness for health, and pure, raw honey enjoyment.  We are current members of the San Francisco Beekeepers Association.  We welcome other farmers, both backyard and commercial, to help save bees by planting trees and flowers. If you please, join us as a We Be neighbor.  

Spinning Honeycomb
Honeycomb Crop.jpg